Serve VAST Compliant Video Ads in AVID!

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We’ve added more features to AVID this week and they’re HUGE. Each of the new features listed in this post will get its own standalone post and support page that will walk you through all the options for each feature, but … Continued

AVID Ad Server Mobile App Release

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The AVID Development team is proud to announce the release of the AVID Ad Server App for both iOS and Android.  Have you ever been out of the office and had something come up where you had to make changes … Continued

Affiliate Summit Recap

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We’re back in the office after a very successful Affiliate Summit conference. Overall this conference was the most successful one yet, and we’re sure to be back. We had the chance to meet a lot of our clients face-to-face, and … Continued

Native Advertising is the New Black

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What is native advertising? Native advertising is becoming a powerful digital marketing strategy, as traditional display and banner ads become less and less used. Native advertising is “advertising content on a website that conforms to the design and format of … Continued

Ad:Tech Take Aways

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I just got back from Ad:Tech New York and it was quite an exhausting experience. My voice is still hoarse from talking to so many people, and my feet still ache from walking to and from the convention center. Overall, … Continued

IDFA: Identifier for Advertisers in iOS10

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What is the IDFA? The identifier for advertisers (IFA or IDFA) is a temporary device identifier used by most Apple devices. It provides information to advertisers based on the user’s activity which advertisers and ad networks use to serve relevant … Continued

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