Native Advertising is the New Black

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What is native advertising? Native advertising is becoming a powerful digital marketing strategy, as traditional display and banner ads become less and less used. Native advertising is “advertising content on a website that conforms to the design and format of … Continued

Ad:Tech Take Aways

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I just got back from Ad:Tech New York and it was quite an exhausting experience. My voice is still hoarse from talking to so many people, and my feet still ache from walking to and from the convention center. Overall, … Continued

IDFA: Identifier for Advertisers in iOS10

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What is the IDFA? The identifier for advertisers (IFA or IDFA) is a temporary device identifier used by most Apple devices. It provides information to advertisers based on the user’s activity which advertisers and ad networks use to serve relevant … Continued

AVID Ad Server at AD:Tech New York

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AVID at ad:tech New York AVID Ad Server is excited to be hosting a booth at the upcoming AD:TECH Conference in New York. Come by booth #114 to say hi and find out more about AVID, We’ll be giving away … Continued

Native Advertising in 2016

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Native Advertising: Native advertising is one of the hottest buzz words, and currently one of the most popular topics in digital media today. It is usually used to refer to ads that have the look and feel of the content … Continued

How To Use the New Targeting Features

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New Targeting Features: Our latest update has added two new targeting features, IP Type and Proxy IP Address. Both of these targeting features are found on the ad group and ad level, as well as in the Profile Templates section. … Continued

Why Use an Ad Server?

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Having a proper ad server is very important in terms of optimizing your display marketing operations. It really is a best practice to use your own ad server if you run a large volume of ad campaigns, and should be … Continued

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