New Updates: Invoicing, Targeting Profiles, IP Targeting

New Features Update

The platform update maintenance over the weekend was a success! The databases transferred without a problem and we didn’t experience any downtime with ad serving and links. The web portal was down for about 20 minutes.

With this update we have greatly improved our invoicing system. You will now be able to see and search past invoices in your admin account. Click on your username in the top right corner and select “Invoices” from the drop down menu.

Another update is in the Profiles Template section. You can now easily copy existing templates.

The final update is in the IP targeting field. You will now be able to copy and paste an entire list of IP addresses instead of having to add them one at a time.

To add a list of IP address:

  1. Copy and paste your list of IP addresses into the IP Address area.
  2. Click Add IP Button.
  3. Click Save Criteria Button

The new version is v1.5.62. If you have any problems viewing data when you log in you may need to do a hard refresh and/or clear your cache and cookies.

If you have any questions about these or any other AVID features contact us at or contact your AVID sales rep.

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