Regex Option for SubID and ISP Targeting, IPv6, and Whitelabeling

The latest updates to AVID help simplify targeting for string based conditions (ISP and Sub ID), fix a bug where targeting is ignored on devices that only have an IPv6 address, and add the ability to white label and personalize the logos and color scheme of the AVID platform. Current users, remember to clear your cookies and cache to make sure you’re running the most current version of AVID.

There are two new options when using Sub ID or ISP as a targeting condition.

Empty String Targeting

The “is empty” option is available when targeting Sub ID or Carrier/ISP. It checks the query string in the ad tag for the selected Sub ID or the Carrier/ISP info to see if there is a value being passed to AVID. If the query string is blank the “is empty” condition would be true and the ad would serve. If you have the Inverse Condition button checked, then the condition would be true if the Sub ID or ISP info were not empty, or in other words there is a value in the Sub ID or ISP query string.

A common use case for this would be if you are using a DSP and passing through the exchange name as Sub ID 1. Setting up an ad group to display when Sub ID 1 is empty will allow you to track the impressions and clicks that are coming from anonymous exchanges or when the DSP fails to pass info through Sub ID 1 (i.e. during creative testing).

Match Regex Targeting

The “match Regex” is another AVID exclusive. Regex stands for regular expression and allows you to serve ads based on a specific sequence of characters that define a search pattern. This new feature is a bit more technical and requires a basic knowledge of regex coding, but there are many free tools available to help you build and test a regular expression. The main benefit of this new feature is in targeting multiple internet service providers. Originally you would create a separate targeting profile for each ISP that you wanted to target. If you wanted to target for both upper case and lower case that would be two (or more) profiles for the same ISP. With “match Regex” you can have a single regex code that will target all of the ISP’s in a single expression. For example, the regex code “.*((C|c)omcast)|((A|a)(T|t)&(T|t)).*” will target ISP’s that contain Comcast or AT&T regardless of case. It will match comcast, Comcast, AT&T, At&t, AT&t, etc. This one code will match 10 different ISP combinations (plus any ISP that includes any of the 10 different combinations). Now instead of 10 different targeting profiles you can do the same thing with just one profile. This makes setting up multiple conditions easier.  It also makes setting up the inverse condition so much quicker. Simply use the exact same regex code and select the Inverse Condition option. With AVID’s Profile Template feature you can create a standard regex to use in all of your ads and ad groups.

Another use case is if you’re passing a demographic, like age, through Sub ID 1 and you want to set up ad targeting to a range of ages, for example 20-49 years old. The following regex code, ^[2-4][0-9]$, on Sub ID 1 would accomplish that.

IPv6 Bug Fix

It was brought to our attention that AVID didn’t recognize the geo location of devices that only had an IPv6 address. This article from PCWorld, written back in June, 2012, explains what IPv6 is. This is not a huge bug because today all mobile devices and most routers will have both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address by default, but the internet is getting close to running out of standard (IPv4) IP addresses. In regions where this has already happened, new devices connecting to the internet will only have an IPv6 address. We decided to be forward thinking about this issue because in the near future, as mobile device usage continues to grow, its possible that most mobile devices will only be assigned an IPv6 address. The bug fix, while not evident in the main browser interface, will give you the peace of mind that your GEO targeting and device targeting will reliably work well in to the future.

New Whitelabeling Features

The previous screen shots also showed some of our new whitelabeling features. You’ll now be able to set up a custom login page with your own logo, replace the logo in the top left.

The other options allow you to customize the button colors in the platform to more closely match the color scheme of your company and logo. The white labeling features will be an add on to your monthly subscription upon request, but it is being offered as a free beta for all clients until the end of the year.

Contact your sales rep to learn more about these and other AVID features, or click here to set up a live demo.

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