Another Round of Weekly Updates

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At AVID we’re always trying to make things better. This week sees another round of updates to our ad server platform. All of these updates were user requested features. Enter Default Destination to Bulk Upload images SSL Button in the … Continued

Custom Reporting Now Available in AVID

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One of the hardest things to manage in any ad server is date ranges that include hundreds of millions of impression data. Many times these reports are too big to effectively analyze through a browser window. The amount of data … Continued

Track Multiple Sales

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One of our coolest features, added back in November, is the ability to track multiple sales on a single clickID. On many tracking platforms (think, Thrive and Voluum), this is a standard feature, but on most ad servers it is not. … Continued

Using the Bulk URL Replace Feature

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For various reasons you may need to change the domain of your destination URLs. In AVID, its now even easier to find and replace parts of a URL for all of your destination URLs at once. This blog post will … Continued

New AVID Features for April…No Joke!

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What’s New in AVID AVID’s latest round of features make it easier to manage large numbers of publishers and placements, and bring added functionality to website publishers. The next time you log into your AVID account, you’ll see the following new … Continued

Setting Up The AVID Link Tracker

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AVID has the added feature of being able to serve landing pages as well as ads through its API. The landing pages can be sales pages, offer pages, or any other URL that you want to be able to test … Continued

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