Sub ID Breakdown Reporting

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It’s been a few weeks since our big feature update and we’re still getting questions on all the new possibilities now in AVID. We’ve decided to dedicate a few blog posts to some of the bigger updates that add the … Continued

Bing Becomes Profitable For Microsoft

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Microsoft unveiled the current iteration of their search engine, Bing, on May 28, 2009 and launched later that year on June 1st. It was the latest branding of the search engine that replaced Live Search, which had replaced Windows Live Search For … Continued

6 Tips For Writing Great Emails

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As we all know, email marketing is not dead. So you blow the dust off the client email list you’ve been gathering and decide to get serious about email marketing. You’ve got your computer fully charged. You’ve got AVID Ad … Continued

18 Online Advertising Stats [Infographic]

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There was a time when online marketing was considered a waste of time and money. The industry was plagued with disruptive pop-up ads that hurt a brand’s image more than helped. In the past 5 years online streaming, faster internet … Continued

How to Pick a Winning Traffic Source

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Finding a winning traffic source requires patience and commitment. The time spent testing different traffic sources against all of your banners ads, offers, and landing pages is what turns ordinary affiliates into super affiliates…and it’s worth the work. Also, not all traffic sources will work for all verticals. … Continued

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