How To Use the New Targeting Features

New Targeting Features:

Our latest update has added two new targeting features, IP Type and Proxy IP Address. Both of these targeting features are found on the ad group and ad level, as well as in the Profile Templates section. These new targeting conditions were requested by many of our clients to help better identify click fraud and bot traffic in their campaigns. While nothing will ever completely block out click fraud and bot traffic, we feel that these new conditions are a huge step in helping to stop fraud on the ad server level, and are only available in AVID Ad Server.

Because many people may not be familiar with the different IP Types or how proxies work, we will be hosting a webinar to go over how to use these new targeting conditions and some best practices in setting up your campaigns to prevent CLICK FRAUD.

Webinar info:

Presenter: Kale Cabrinha, Regional Sales Manager

Date: Sept. 12th, 2016

Time: 1:00pm ET

Click here to register.


IP Type Targeting:

The IP Type condition has 12 options – Commercial, Organization, Government, Military, University/College/School, Library, Content Delivery Network, Residential (Fixed Line), Mobile, Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit, Search Engine Spider, and Reserved.

These usage type classifications are useful especially if you would like to filter certain ranges of IP addresses for your needs. For example you could target an ad aimed for students to run when a user access your page from a school or university. Many of these types are self explanatory, but we’ll explain them anyway.

  • Commercial – business ip address
  • Organization – non-profit business ip address
  • Government – government ip address
  • Military – military ip address
  • University/College/School – educational institution ip address
  • Library – library ip address
  • Content Delivery Network – content delivery, content transfer services ip address
  • Residential (Fixed Line) – fixed line ISP ip address, usually used by residential users
  • Mobile – mobile ip address
  • Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit – proxy services, hosted ip address
  • Search Engine Spider – search engine spider or bot ip address
  • Reserved – reserved ip address, usually ip addresses not in use

Proxy IP Address:

Anonymous proxy servers are intermediate servers meant to hide the real identity or IP address of the requestor. In general, a large number of online fraud and click spamming comes from anonymous proxy users. The AVID proxy database is based on a proprietary detection algorithm in parallel with evaluation of anonymous open proxy servers which are actively in use. This means that most proxy IP addresses will be caught with this targeting method and our database of proxy IP addresses will continue to grow.

Using The New Targeting Conditions:

You will set up these new targeting conditions the same way you set up the existing conditions. Remember that putting more than one condition in a profile requires that all conditions in the profile be true for the targeted ad to appear. Having multiple profiles on an ad means that either of the profiles can be true for the targeted ad to display. Checking the Inverse Condition button will target the opposite of the selected condition. For example if you have an ad group with only two ads and you set one ad to target the Residential (Fixed Line) IP type, you can use the Inverse button on the other ad to target not-Residential (Fixed Line) IP type, or all IP types that are not Residential (Fixed Line).


For any questions about these new targeting conditions or any other AVID feature, please contact us at If you would like speak with a sales rep about signing up for an AVID account you can request a demo here.

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