Affiliate Summit Recap

We’re back in the office after a very successful Affiliate Summit conference. Overall this conference was the most successful one yet, and we’re sure to be back. We had the chance to meet a lot of our clients face-to-face, and also showcased how robust AVID’s capabilities are with so many publishers, advertisers, agencies, and of course, affiliates.

The AVID Team

We had a great team from AVID at the conference. Attendees were always happy with how engaging and knowledgeable the team was both in terms of the ad server product, as well as the insights we were able to share on the future of digital advertising – especially in a changing world like affiliate marketing. We’re very proud of the team and how seamless the whole experience was. Our team really came together to get this event organized, from the special events coordinator who made all the conference and travel arrangements, to the design team for creating a brand new booth display, to the sales people on the floor creating interest in the AVID message. The Aff Summit staff was great too (we love you, Sarah!).

On-site Demos

One of the coolest things at the conference was to be able to do on-site demos of the AVID platform. Everyone we talked to was impressed with how simple the interface is to navigate, and the ease in which they could use AVID to track all of their advertising campaigns across multiple traffic sources. Most conversations started with either a question about what an ad server does, or a discussion on their current ad server. By far, the most popular ad server being used was DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), which isn’t surprising since the biggest advantage that DFP has is that it’s free.

Exit Intent Pop-Ups and Native Ads

Affiliate marketing constantly goes through cycles as new technologies appear and old technologies mature. Big brand advertisers are separating themselves from the affiliate marketing space, so at Aff Summit, we had affiliates asking us for the “secret sauce” to combat this shift. The trick is getting affiliates to think less like advertisers and more like publishers, and then utilize different types of ads to their advantage. Two of these ad types seemed to create the biggest buzz at our booth at Aff Summit last week: native ad styles and the exit intent popup embed method. Affiliates of ours have been using these two methods to capitalize on the traffic that they were already driving to their site, and increasing their CTR and conversions without any additional spend. Being able to demonstrate those in person really drove home why AVID is a great tool for affiliate marketers. More information on these features can be viewed here.

Overall, Affiliate Summit was a great success for us. We got some insight into how clients are using the ad server by talking with them face-to-face. We learned about the new trends in marketing and what potential clients are looking for in affiliate marketing tools. We also made some connections with potential partners that will help us make AVID even easier to use.