These are the Container Ads You’re Looking For!

Do you wish your ad server had nice container ads?

Most ad servers don’t offer a container ad style, and those that do aren’t as nice as AVID.

With container ads you can pay for a single ad size and serve multiple ads in the same space. Each impression is tracked individually and can be randomly rotated. In AVID you can assign categories so that ads can be grouped together. This is an easy way to split test ads for the same product.

Publishers are using AVID to display their own “ad networks” instead of using third party networks like Outbrain, Taboola, and RevContent. AVID is all about putting you back in control of your creatives and page content.

Another cool feature is our LP link tracker. The demo panel link above is also an LP tracker. Go ahead, click the link a few times. You should see two different styles of container ads, a 3 panel ad style and an 8 panel ad style. Each time you click on the link it will randomly redirect you to a different landing page. You can add multiple landing pages per link. Split test and manage your landing pages the same way you manage your ads in the same system.

Are you ready to see what AVID has to offer? Contact us to request access to our demo account.