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Changes in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing constantly goes through cycles as new technologies appear and old technologies mature. Affiliates who find new ways to adapt to the new marketing landscape continue to succeed, while those who do not adapt tend to fade away. The most recent cycle started with the introduction of RTB platforms, along with the popularity of content ad networks and new ad formats like HTML5 and video. Big brand advertisers are moving to RTB and programmatic platforms, driving up the low CPMs that affiliates have benefited from for years. As affiliates decrease display advertising budgets and shift to content ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, and RevContent, and we’ll even include Facebook in this category as well; ad servers (including AVID), have struggled to stay relevant in a marketing environment that doesn’t include display marketing. Many of them have switched focus and developed features that attract big ad agency and brand accountsfurther separating themselves from the affiliate marketing space, while others have abandoned ad serving completely in favor of developing an RTB platform. 

Exit Intent Pop-Ups and Native Ads

The good news is, AVID was originally developed specifically for affiliates, and is continuing to develop features that benefit affiliate marketers. Two of these features are creating a big buzz: native ad styles and the exit intent popup embed method. Affiliates of ours have been using these two methods together to capitalize on the traffic that they were already driving to their site, and increasing their CTR and conversions without any additional spend. 

The secret, as our affiliates work more with the content ad networks, is to think less like an advertiser and more like a publisher. Affiliates often call themselves advertisers. For every campaign, they’ll spend hours of time testing different ads, landing pages, and offers. Whether it’s through display, Facebook, or content ad networks, a lot of focus is put on driving clicks to landing pages, typical of any advertiser. However, website publishers also spend a lot of time driving people to their site, but the difference with how a publisher thinks is one simple thing – publishers are as concerned with visitor retention, or keeping visitors on the site, as they are with getting new visitors to the site. This simple change in focus is the reason content ad networks and native ad placements are so popular with websites. Even websites like use it to direct users to other articles on their site. 

The best part about utilizing these features in AVID is that they don’t require any advanced knowledge of JavaScript coding. AVID Ad Server provides the code and so to set up a these ads, it’s a simple copy and paste. If you need to test different ads or angles, there’s no need to change any code on your landing page, just simply upload new creatives to AVID.

To see a real case study of these two methods in action, graciously provided by one of AVID’s affiliate clients, click here.

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