Instantly Improve Your Campaigns in One Step with AVID

Introducing: AVID’s New Rotating Notification Templates AND New Exit-Intent Pop-Up Templates

We’ve been hard at work testing new text ad styles with top advertisers to develop the best converting native ad templates possible. As of today, we have NINE new styles available for you!

Grab any of our five new exit-intent pop-up templates to instantly retarget your visitors, or try out our four new rotating notification ads to show social proof on your site. Read on to learn more, and view examples of each of these new templates.

Rotating Notification Ads:

This new embed method we’ve developed rotates through ads based on the specifications you set. Even better, we’ve modeled these specific templates to look like notifications viewers are familiar with and see often.

You can place any content you’d like in these notifications, but we’ve found that reviews and testimonials, as well as recent purchases work the best in these notification templates. Why? Because social proof is a very effective way to indirectly convince prospective buyers that they should buy a product because everybody else is also buying it.

Here are examples of the four New Rotating Notification Templates:

Exit-Intent Pop-Ups:

All of our advanced embed methods are great, but our exit-intent pop-ups stand out above the rest. Why?

Because you grab your viewer’s attention as they’re leaving. With AVID, you can instantly retarget your visitors while they’re still on your page, and give them another chance to convert. Whether you show them a different article or offer, or another angle, these ad templates work! We’ve seen campaigns boost CTR by up to 300% with this one technique!

Sure, this type of script can be found all over the internet. But those scripts aren’t beautifully designed or proven to convert like AVID’s templates. They also don’t show you individual metrics on every article and offer in your exit-intent like AVID’s templates can. Plus, with AVID, you can target different offers to different audiences so your campaigns convert even better!

Here are examples of the five New Exit-Intent Pop-Up Templates:


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