Native Advertising is the New Black

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is becoming a powerful digital marketing strategy, as traditional display and banner ads become less and less used. Native advertising is “advertising content on a website that conforms to the design and format of the site and is integrated into the site’s usual content” (

While there are a few different types of native advertising placements, they all share a common idea: to be considered a native ad, it simply has to look like it was meant to be there, and will typically function like the rest of the content on the page. It’s usually a piece of content that looks like an editorial article, and sometimes widgets for these ads will use phrases such as “You Might Like” or “Recommended for You.” The best native ads will blend seamlessly with the rest of the page and provide an organic user experience.

How is native advertising best used?

Native ads can help grow relationships with customers and potential consumers, and create incredibly specific retargeting audiences. Unlike straight display advertising that allows for a very short window of time to grab attention, native ads potentially offer longer user engagement. The key to success with native advertising is to deliver engaging content that will provide value to the reader, and then position those ads next to similar or related content on the web. Consumers are more likely to click and engage with a sponsored article that provides them with new information on a relevant topic than with a traditional banner ad (they are also more likely to share it with friends).

Website publishers can customize ad widgets on their site so the ads blend in seamlessly with their regular content. According to this article on, this increases CTR for advertisers — driving as much as purchase intent and brand affinity — and enables publishers to monetize their web traffic more effectively. CTRs for premium native ads can be two to three times higher than for banner, rich media, or sponsorship ads, and mobile devices enjoy up to 4x higher CTRs than traditional, non-native display ads, found in recent Business Insider reports.

Where does AVID utilize native advertising?

AVID’s native advertising widget builder enables advertisers to strategically position their native ad content by creating an ad that fits in with the page or website they’re advertising on. Advertisers can also save money using native ad styles by showing multiple ad angles in a single impression. Each impression is tracked individually and can be randomly rotated. A common use case is an advertiser who is marketing the same product differently to men and women. With AVID’s native ad styles you can show both ads in the same impression without having to pay more money to your DSP for segmented traffic.

On the flip side, publishers monetize traffic on their websites, blogs and apps by placing our fully customizable native ad widgets on their websites. Publishers determine fonts, colors, the size of the ads, and the number of ads in a column and row, configuring the widgets to match the interface of their site. Native ad units like the one below on average have a 33% higher click through rate than stand-alone banners. The more integrated the ads, the more likely visitors are to click on them, and the more the publishers will earn.

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