20 Custom Built Ad Templates That Will Increase Your Conversions & CTR

Which Includes Our 4 Best "Onsite Retargeting" Templates As A BONUS - ALL For FREE!

No need to hire a designer. Easily insert your images and ad text into our custom designed templates that have been proven to work on BILLIONS of impressions!

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What Do I Get With My Download?

The Top Ad Sizes With The Most Display Traffic

You'll receive our top 4 display templates in each of the following ad sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 728x90. Each ad template is designed to increase your ctr with various hover effects.

High Quality, Unique Ad Templates

Knowing that these templates have been tested on BILLIONS of impressions you can confidently create eye-catching ads quickly that will increase your ctr's instantly!

Easy To Read Instructions

We have instructions that show you exactly what needs to be replaced with each ad template, and we have included additional instructions to make changes to the CSS that will change the colors, hover effects and more allowing you to really create your own unique ad styles.

Easy to Copy And Paste

Easily copy and paste our code into your web page or upload as an html5 ad.

4 Additional FREE BONUS Templates

Get our Top 4 "Onsite Retargeting" templates that have helped our customers increase profits without spending more money. (One of our customers increased his profit over $7,000 in just one month without increasing his ad spend.)

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These Templates Work...
See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Mouhamed Khouma | CEO
MSK Ventures Inc.

"...We are very pleased with the service we are receiving from them. It allows us to populate our sites with banners by adding one simple piece of code..."

David Suarez | President
South Beach Skincare

"AVID is hands down the best ad management tool I use...I can easily split test...10/10 would recommend."

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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How long will it take to get the templates?

ANSWER: Immediate.

Once you've entered your email, you will automatically be sent an email where you will be able to download them to your computer.

QUESTION: Why does an ad server sell ad templates?

ANSWER: We know how great the AVID platform is and how useful it can be.

We truly just hope that in the future you will remember AVID and give us a chance to show you how we can help you better spend your advertising budget and increase your ROI.

QUESTION: Why Are You Giving Them Away For Free?

ANSWER: If you’re thinking, "Why are they free? What’s the catch?" then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. This will allow anyone, from a "newbie" to a seasoned veteran to have access to great ad style templates to help them with their marketing needs. (And for just your email address, you won't have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.)

2. By giving us your email address, it shows AVID that you are serious about marketing. We only want serious marketers who take action, and in our experience giving an email…yes, just an email address… gets rid of most of the "pretenders".

3. We spent a lot of time and energy creating these templates, testing them, looking at the data and putting all of this together for you.

We also believe that once you see how effective these templates will be, you'll want more and maybe…just maybe…you'll be interested enough to see what AVID can do for you and your companies marketing needs.

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